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Shopping for Home Furnishings

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Shopping for Home Furnishings

5 Places To Display Barn Star Decor

Dan Stewart

Barn stars are believed to help fend off evil spirits and bad luck, making them the perfect decorative touch for your home. You aren't limited to placing a star on your barn, though. If you like the look or meaning of barn stars, here are five places where you can display barn star decor.

1) Above the front door

A barn star above the front door is said to bring good luck and protection to those who enter, so it makes sense to hang one there. You can also position a barn star above any other doorway in your home to bring the same blessings. Consider choosing a color that compliments the door or the exterior of your home for an added touch.

2) In the garden

Whether you have a small herb garden or a large flowerbed, adding a barn star can give it a touch of charm. Place the barn star amongst the plants and flowers, or position it so that it stands out as a focal point. Make sure you position the star so it's visible from inside your home, too.

3) On the porch

Hanging a barn star on your porch is a great way to welcome visitors to your home. Choose a spot near the front door or in a prominent location on the porch for your barn star decor, and enjoy the added decoration. Consider adding pieces that complement your star, such as a wreath or a welcome sign.

4) In a window

Hang a barn star in a window to bring the outdoors inside. The sun will reflect off the metal surface and fill the room with light. You can also use barn stars to decorate windows for holidays like Christmas or Halloween, but barn star decor isn't limited to one season. Hang your star whenever the mood strikes, whether it's pouring down rain on a hot summer day or you're cranking up the heat to warm up from winter's chill.

5) On the mantel

If you have a fireplace, consider using the mantel as a place to display barn star decor. A single barn star or a group of stars can add interest to the mantel, and you can change up the display as often as you like. Try hanging a star wreath for the holidays or using a star garland year-round. You can even add candles or other decorations to the mantel to create a unique look.

Whether you're looking for a way to add charm to your home or you want to believe in the power of barn stars, consider placing barn star decor in one of these five locations. You might just find that the stars align in your favor.

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