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Shopping for Home Furnishings

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Shopping for Home Furnishings

Graduation Prep for Kindergarten Students

Dan Stewart

After a long year of teaching kindergarten, your young students are likely ready to continue with the rest of their education. Your school might mark that occasion with a small graduation ceremony for the children and their families. What are vital additions to this event?

Graduation Sash

While kindergartners may be too early in their educational life to wear a huge gown to celebrate the end of their year, a graduation sash is perfect. Sashes are typically made in bright colors that children enjoy and are usually made of satin, a shiny material that lends the feeling of "something special" to any event. Sashes are lightweight, which means they won't weigh down little bodies, and you can get them affordably from many retailers. The sash will be something that their families can keep as a memory of the event.

A graduation cap is another addition you may consider, but it could be harder for your young graduates to keep the hat on their heads and not in the air or on the ground. Sashes can be put on their person securely and will stay put. Reach out to a graduation sash provider for more information.


Most graduation ceremonies present students with a diploma or diploma case during a graduation ceremony. A kindergarten graduation ceremony can operate the same way. Printing certificates for each child is something that can be done inexpensively. You might also look into the possibility of adding a frame so that the certificate isn't easily torn or misplaced.


While you may want to open the event to anyone in a young graduate's family, there may be a finite number of seats you can fill for the ceremony. You might not sell tickets, but you may start considering giving a set of tickets to each student. This will require some time designing a ticket's text, and you'll have to determine whether you want to print the tickets from the school or allow a retailer to fill the order for you.

Rather than giving tickets directly to your kindergartners, you can have them mailed to every student's home. This will ensure the tickets make it to every parent, and if you package them nicely, it will give them an idea of the beautiful ceremony you're planning for their children.

With these ideas, graduation should be the first of many exciting educational events for your kindergarten students. Visit retailers carrying graduation gear to choose the most appropriate items for your school and its budget.