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Shopping for Home Furnishings

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Shopping for Home Furnishings

Use Stick-On Glass Tiles To Create Kitchen Backsplashes

Dan Stewart

A solid, frosted, or mosaic-themed backsplash will add interest to your kitchen, as well as protect the walls from staining. Backsplash glass tiles that are ready to stick on will make it fairly easy for you to update your kitchen during your next day off. After choosing a backsplash pattern and securing the tiles to the wall, accent the kitchen with complementary items that you have picked up from a discount kitchenwares store. 

Pick The Areas That Require Coverage And Prepare The Walls 

You do not need to settle on a single backsplash, especially if there are multiple areas in your kitchen that are prone to spills. What parts of the walls do you currently struggle to keep clean? If you wash dishes by hand, the wall section behind the sink may be one of the problematic areas, and if you frequently cook homemade meals, then the wall section behind the stove is likely another area that requires your attention.

Plan on keeping the backsplashes uniform in size by choosing wall sections that are the same length and width. Scrub the parts of the walls that will be covered with glass tiles. Use diluted bleach and a heavy duty cleanser to remove grime from each wall. Move all loose items that could potentially get in your way while you are securing the tiles to the wall. 

Choose The Tiles And Kitchen Accessories

The backsplash style that you choose is primarily dependent on your sense of style. If you prefer a solid tile color, choose glass tiles that match the color of the flooring, dinette table, or appliances. If a muted tone is interesting to you, frosted tiles that are a neutral color may be more intriguing. For an artsy style, create a mosaic by using glass tiles that are many different colors.

You can choose the tile size too. Either square or rectangle, full-sized tiles or mini tiles that are either shape can be used to create each backsplash. After purchasing stick-on tiles, buy some new pot holders, dishrags, placemats, votive holders or other small items that you need for your kitchen.

The accessories should follow the same color scheme as the tile selections. Each tile should be applied to a clean, dry spot on the wall. A vinyl or paper backing that is covering the adhesive will need to be peeled off before affixing the tiles. After installing the backsplashes, arrange the other kitchen items around the room.