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Shopping for Home Furnishings

I absolutely adore shopping for home goods. For instance, I like to look for artwork, accent pillows, vases, sheets, comforters, rugs, and towels at my favorite retailers. Have you recently purchased a new home? Perhaps, you need to shop for items to fill your new house with. Before shopping for home furnishings, be sure to take correct measurements. For example, before searching for blinds, you’ll need to first measure your windows. Before looking for a sofa to place in your living room, you’ll likely wish to measure the width of this space. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you buy beautiful, home goods for your place. Enjoy!


Shopping for Home Furnishings

Interested In Becoming A Plumber? 2 Types Of Supplies You Need To Get Started

Dan Stewart

If you are interested in becoming a plumber, you must get the right training before you do anything. Once this is done, you can go into business on your own, if you prefer. If you do, you will have to have supplies, two of which are listed below.


Part of your job will be replacing pipes that may be broken or have a leak. You will come across a wide variety of pipes in homes, which is why you should have a variety of pipes available to make your repairs.

Stainless steel pipes are often used even though they are expensive when compared to other pipe types. If you live in a coastal area, you will likely find stainless steel pipes in many homes, as they are resistant to corrosion. You can purchase these pipes in rigid or flexible options.

PEX piping is popular because it is virtually maintenance free and can be installed quickly. PEX piping will also not leak over time. This type of piping is often used in homes and small businesses.  PEX piping should not be used outside, however, as it can be damaged by the UV rays from the sun.

You will find copper piping in many homes because copper is a durable material and resistant to corrosion. Instead of using couplings, you must solder the pipes together during installation.


An auger is used to remove clogs from pipes. You will often hear this referred to as plumbing snake.

The auger is a flexible hose that is rolled up into a casing. You put the end of the hose into the pipe and unroll it until the hose reaches the clog and pushes through the clog. This means even if the clog is deep down the pipe, the auger can reach it. With some augers you pull the hose as you go, and other augers have a crank that you can turn.

You may come across customers that have pipes that are smaller in diameter when compared to traditional pipes. With this, you will need to use a flat tape auger. This works much like the auger above, but instead of a flexible hose, it uses a flat cable instead. This type of cable fits through smaller openings much better than a round hose. There is a spear tip at the end of the cable that is used to push the clog through.

You can purchase these supplies, as well as others you need, from a plumbing parts distributor like Universal Plumbing to make things easy for you.