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Shopping for Home Furnishings

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Shopping for Home Furnishings

4 Things To Understand About Fashion Accessory Subscription Boxes As Presents

Dan Stewart

If you have someone in your life who is hard to shop for, but you know loves fashion, you should consider getting them a fashion accessory subscription box as a holiday present.

#1 Sign Up for A Set Number of Months

Most fashion accessory monthly subscription boxes allow you to purchase a gift subscription. With a gift subscription, you would not be charged every month again and again for the gift. Instead, you can purchase a set number of months for that special someone in your life.

For example, you could pay thirty dollars for a three-month subscription or twice that six-month subscription. Purchasing a subscription that lasts for at least a few months will allow the recipient to really see the variety and monthly differences with the fashion accessory box.

#2 Get Your Loved One's Email Address

You are going to want to get your loved one's email address. You are going to need their email address so that you can email them their gift subscription. You may have to gift the fashion accessory site their email address as well to assist with setting up their gift subscription. Just remember that once you give the subscription box service your loved one's email, they may start getting emails from the subscription service about what they are interested in so that the service can make better boxes for your loved ones.

#3 Items Are a Surprise

With a fashion accessory subscription box, you don't have to worry about finding the right fashion accessories for the fashion lover in your life. Instead, the subscription service will have you fill out a survey about your loved one's interests or have your loved one fill it out. Then, they will use that information to determine what to send your loved one. A big part of the fun of subscription box services is that you don't know exactly what you are getting until you get the box. Your loved one can use the items or gift them to someone else.

#4 Items Are Non-refundable

When your loved one gets a box in the mail, keep in mind that the items inside of the box are non-refundable. If they don't like the items they can give them to a friend or donate them; what they can't do is return them and get money back for them.

A fashion accessory subscription box is a great gift for the fashion lover in your life. You can purchase them a set number of boxes, meaning they will get to enjoy your present for months to come. Via their email address, the gift box company will work to determine what your loved one likes and send them gifts that they will enjoy. 

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