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Shopping for Home Furnishings

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Shopping for Home Furnishings

4 Hot Decor Items You Need For Your Country Kitchen

Dan Stewart

Regardless of whether you grew up in the country or you are simply someone who loves the rustic charm of country décor, there are plenty of items that you can add to your kitchen to make it pop. Decorating your kitchen with a country motif is fun and refreshing. It brings back the old-world charm of the country, while giving your space a unique look that is unlike anything modern kitchens of today bring to the table. Here are a couple country kitchen décor items that your kitchen shouldn't be without.

Nostalgic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Look for classic salt and pepper shakers like a couple of pumpkins inside a little metal wagon or classic can style salt and pepper shakers made out of tin and adorned with classic writing and style. The key is finding a set of shakers that not only look amazing, but match the rest of your décor as well.

Olive Oil Can

What better way to bring country charm to your kitchen than to get an old style kitchen oil can? You can put your olive oil in this beautiful can and pour it out when you need it. Instead of messing with the plastic bottles you get from the store, you can have this beautiful piece sitting out on your counter and no one will even know what it has inside of it.

Classic Coffee Grinder

Who doesn't enjoy freshly ground coffee? With your own coffee grinder, you can make sure you always have some great-tasting coffee in your favorite blend. Find one that boasts a beautiful finish and compact size to fit nicely on your counter. Simply buy your favorite beans and start grinding right away. Kids will love grinding your coffee beans for you.

Fruit Potholders

No country kitchen it complete without some beautiful fruit potholders. Apples, pears, you name it. Bring a touch of color and a little flair to your space by hanging your potholders nicely on the wall for all to see. They look great against a white wall with a checkerboard trim.

Adding in splashes of red, blue and green can bring any country kitchen to life. You can accentuate your space anyway you like. The trick is incorporating enough items to make your space unique and stylish, without going overboard. With so many different options available, there is no reason why you can't have the country kitchen of your dreams.